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How To Play:


Your task in this zoo game is to decorate and to fill empty zoo with various animals, zebras, monkeys, lions, tigers, crocodiles, rhinos, birds and other wildlife and domestic animals. This zoo game is one of the most popular, most played and most exciting zoo games on the internet! Beautify your zoo in the right way and fill it with visitors, children and various decorations to make it the most beautiful zoo. Show how much you are imaginative and sort out the zoo to your liking. Decorate your zoo, beautify it, use your imagination and have fun playing this fantastic zoo game!We wish you a lot of fun playing this game zoo! If you did not know some of the animals are endangered species and you can help them so in way that you can donate the money using credit or you can insure them you can do that in two ways, usually by insurance or direct insurance.




Use mouse to decor the zoo.

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