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Zoo Builder

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How To Play:

Zoo Builder

Build your own zoo!Before you are 16 exciting and fun levels, in each level your task will be to build a certain structure in order to move to the next level.To attract customers you need to build a beautiful zoo, build a playground for children, shops, insert various animals, tigers, lions, crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, horses, various species of birds, deer, snakes, rhinos, hippos, aquariums with various species of fish, bears, pigs, penguins, monkeys, zebras and much much more!Each building costs a certain amount of money that you need in order to built it, customers will from time to time enter into your zoo and pay the entrance, of that money you build and expand your zoo.This zoo game is unblocked game which means that you can play at work and at school without any problems and as much as you want.If you come home from work tired, or if you are under stress then this is an excellent anti-stress zoo game
for you, build and manage your own personal zoo.We wish you lots of fun in this zoo online game!

Use mouse to play.
Use arrow keys to scroll.

Game Category: Zoo Games

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