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  1. ANIMAL SHELTER GAME - 659 views
  2. Zoo Builder - 238 views
  3. THE ANIMAL ZOO - 216 views


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How To Play:


This is one of the most popular, most played and most exciting zoo games on the internet! The night watchman forgot to lock the gates to the zoo and all animals have escaped! The animals now hiding all over city and your task is to find them and bring them back to zoo. But you must be fast because the visitors start to arrive today! You will get a list of missing animals, items and culprits and because some of the animals are good in hiding you will have 3 hits for help, you will have 5 min to find hiding animals in each round so be fast, don’t look for stuff that are not on the list.We wish you good luck and better fun.



Use mouse to play.

Game Category: Zoo Games