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Yeti Sports 1 – Pengu Throw

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How To Play:

Yeti Sports 1 – Pengu Throw

Who says penguins can not fly, in this game your task is to throw penguins higher in the sky as possible using Yeti and his bat.In front of you is one of the very addictive game, your task is to wait the penguin to throw himself in the direction of the Yeti and in the right moment you swing with your bat, hit the penguin and throw him as far as you can to make a higher score.The longer penguin flying the greater number of points you can win and make your own record.Play with friends and compete with each other who can throw peuguins in the farther distance!Enjoy playing this addictive and popular zoo game and make the best score!This game is unblocked game which means you can play it in school or at work.


Use mouse to play.

Game Category: Zoo Games

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