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How To Play:


Outside is a sunny day, a great day to play with your pet, mans best friend, the dog!
Your dog is ready to play in nature, your task is to throw a Frisbee in the direction of your dog, the goal is that the dog catch a Frisbee before frisbee falls on the ground, but be careful not to throw the frisbee too far away from the dog.Every time the dog catch the frisbee you get a certain number of points.This zoo game is also unblocked game, which means that you can play it at all locations as much as you want.Enjoy the awesome graphics, cheerful music in the background and relax with with your dog.
If you are under stress then this zoo online game is a great choice for you to relax and forget about all your problems and have fun.Make the highest score and enjoy this exciting and fun zoo game Pepper’s frisbee fun!
Use mouse to play.

Game Category: Zoo Games

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