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Monkey Go Happy 2

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How To Play:

Monkey Go Happy 2

Your friendly monkeys are very sad and your task in this zoo game is to make them happy and bring smile to their face’s. You will do a variety of funny things that will cheer up your monkey.In front of you is exciting, entertaining and funny 15 levels, each level is special, in every level you will have a special task for you to find out what will make these two monkeys happy.To move to the next level you need to make these sad monkeys to laugh and to do that you need to start a chain reaction so take a good look at what you should do in each level.Enjoy this exciting zoo game which is also unblocked game which means that you can play at school or at work without
any problems.We wish you good luck and good fun in this zoo online game!
Use mouse to interact.

Game Category: Zoo Games

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