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How To Play:


In front of you is a picture of a lot of different animals, crocodiles, zebras, horses, elephants, lizards, birds, tigers, lions, monkeys, snakes and other wild animals from zoo. Among them are hidden 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 numbers, the numbers are hidden very well so that you can’t see them right away, but you have to look hard at the picture and use a magnifying glass that you have when you start the game. If you love adventure you can go on a trip around the world and visit all the most popular zoos and see all the exotic species that you have not seen, in order to go to such a journey you need to raise your credit, and most importantly, to ensure you can do that in two ways, usually by insurance or direct insurance.  Test your skills and see whether you can find all 10 hidden numbers among these zoo animals. Good luck!


Use mouse to play.

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