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Conquer Antarctica

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How To Play:

Conquer Antarctica

The fight takes place on the ice in Antarctica, your task is to bring your penguins team to victory.In front of you is one of the most played zoo game, totally free online game.
This game you can play in campaign mode or you can play with your buddies, friends and compete with each other.Your task is to using weapons such as bazooka, destroy enemy team from the other side of the iceberg, in order to do this you need to aim on your enemies and fire a missile, when you knock all the opponent’s penguins
from their iceberg the victory is yours, but be careful because if your opponent penguins shoot down your penguins from iceberg you lost the game.The main objective of this unblocked zoo game is to take in all the icebergs and defeat all opponent teams, win new weapons, and much more by playing this exciting and entertaining zoo game!Conquer Antarctica!


Use mouse to play.

Game Category: Zoo Games

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