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How To Play:


Here you need to have excellent memory capacity, which means that you must remember images and then to mark where all the pictures are. Every next level will be more difficult, complicated and demanding than the previous one because of that be ready for the challenge and test your limits and how much you are willing to come or to even win this good zoo memory game. Your job in this awesome zoo game is simple, you must memorize the animals arranged order from left to right and click on the animal in same order without making a single mistake , so be careful because if you misapply a click you will lose a game. We wish you good luck and good fun! If you want you can go on a trip around the world and visit all the most popular zoos and see all the exotic species that you have not seen, in order to go to such a journey you need to raise your credit, and most importantly, to ensure you can do that in two ways, usually by insurance or direct insurance  the choice is yours.



Use mouse to play.

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