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How To Play:


Dress up the little girl Emma for the zoo. Put on and take whatever she wants, you will see on the screen above Emma’s head an object that is a sign that you need to find it and put it where she want, when you find all that she needs you can dress her up and go to the zoo, there Emma will want to have good fun with animals, eating ice cream to feed the animals and much much more, help her to have a good time at the zoo, the best time at the zoo! You can go on a trip around the world and visit all the most popular zoos and see all the exotic species that you have not seen yet, in order to go to such a journey and adventure you need to raise your credit, and most importantly, to ensure yourself,¬† you can do that in two ways, usually by insurance or direct insurance¬† the choice is yours. The game was very exciting, fun and challenging, everyone will like it, especially the girls and zoo lovers games. Make happy little Emma and have fun!



Use mouse to play.

Game Category: Zoo Games