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How To Play:


You manage a shelter for various species of animals.Some animals can not find their home and their master and they go to the animal shelter until they find home, your task is to place them in one of four rooms for the animals, each room is for a special type of animals and your task is to get them all where they belong, to play with them, feed them, to clean them from time to time and make sure it is always clean around them, the animals must not be sad because of that you have to play with them often to put a smile on their faces. Your main task is to get these animals ready for adoption.
If you love animals then this zoo game will delight you and fill your day with fun.
This is one of the most popular zoo game and is suitable for players of all ages.This zoo game is unblocked game which means that you can play it both at work and at school without any problems.Prove how well you can manage the shelter for animals and do your best to get these animals feel at home, good luck!

Use mouse to interact.

Game Category: Zoo Games

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