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How To Play:


Help this fox to defend her baby’s from a variety of wild animals that will go on them!
Your task in this zoo game is to defend your nest and your youngs using a slingshot, on you will move various animals, snails, wolves, hedgehogs, raccoons and many other domestic and wild animals.Animals will attack you in waves, which means that each next wave will be harder than the previous so do your best.To stop them you need to aim well and be as specific as possible in order to hit all the animals that will go on you, if them get too close to your nest it will be game over for you so be careful, precise, persistent and fast, aim well and do not let your baby’s get hurt.During the game you will unlocked various other weapons that will be of great help to you later in the game.We wish you good luck in this exciting and awesome unblocked zoo game!
Stop the forest animals and defend your nest in these Animal Defense Game!


Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Game Category: Zoo Games

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